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Our afterschool program is a great and fun way for your student to spend their afternoons. Here, they have the opportunity to slowly be introduced to the sport or work independently to improve their skills. Our students get the care and daily exercise they need!

How will by child spend their afternoon?

After pickup, the students will have time to eat a snack followed by free play. We also have a variety of snacks available for purchase. Free play allows the students to get out their energy they have been waiting all day to use, work on skills, or play a group game with the rest of their friends. Then, students will have a shortened gymnastics lesson. Students will close out their day with table time or extra free play!


What schools do we pickup from?

Deer Park Elementary

Mary Bryant Elementary


What are the fees?

Registration fee: $30.00

Hillsborough County Schools

Weekly Tuition: $95.00

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