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Preschool Programs

At Bay Area Gymnastics, our Preschool Gymnastics Program involves both boys and girls ages 15 months to 5 years of age.  Our qualified, energetic and enthusiastic instructors prepare age-appropriate lessons to maximize fun through play to learn. All children are trained on all 4 apparatuses to help boost your child’s confidence and success

Interactive Play

Interactive Play involves two or more people participating in stimulating activities. This form of play includes four components: mental, physical, fantasy/ creative, and social. Interactive play is a great way form of exercise, mental stimulation, and assists in relationship building!

Parent and Tot
18 Months - 3 Years Old

45-minute class

In this quick moving parent and child class, we will work together to develop concepts such as taking turns and following directions, using progressions to basic gymnastics skills.  Through motivation and moving we will encourage and work to develop strong gross motor skills, independence and confidence. All Children must be walking. 

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Cares _amazing_gym-12.jpg

PreK Class
3-5 Years Old

55-minute class

Continuing to foster the emotional social skills: taking turns, sharing, following directions and learning through play.  Children will work through a challenging circuit of skills and encouraged to develop core strength, coordination and confidence using the progressions of basic gymnastics skills.

Class Schedule
Summer Schedule: June 1st - July 31st

Parent and Tot

Tuesday 11:00 am

Tuesday 5:30 pm

Wednesday 11:00 am

Wednesday 5:30 pm


Monday 11:00 am

Monday 5:30 pm

Wednesday 10:00 am

Wednesday 4:30 pm

Wednesday 6:30 pm

Thursday 6:30 pm


Mini Stars

90 minute class

This invite-only program is designed to begin working USAG team skills and to place children in a more team setting.  Parents will be notified via front office and will have a informative meeting with the coach.

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