Our Team of Coaches


 Fran Cosich Freyer

Owner / Gymnastics Program Director

Fran has a passion for teaching and coaching.  She has continued to coach club and high school volleyball for the past 29 years.  She has been co-owner of Sunshine Academy Preschool for the past 11 years and continues to teach in the classroom. Her passion for coaching and creating a strong positive atmosphere comes from her years of being an athlete. Opening up a gym has always been a goal of hers. Gymnastics was not the original plan, however, her daughter, a competitive gymnasts brought her to this fabulous place in life.  She enjoys spending time with her kids and swimming.


Liz Cosich McDuffy

Co-Owner / Gymnastics Program Director

Liz has been coaching competitive volleyball for 15 years and previously coached our level 3 competitive compulsory team.  As an athlete growing up, Liz was a college volleyball player. After moving to Florida in 1996, Liz began coaching club volleyball which lasted for the next 10 years.  She enjoys playing sports, working out and spending time with her kids.


Joi Chavatte

Optionals Coach

Coach Joi Completed in gymnastics in Tampa through her junior year is high school. Afterwards, she decided to pursue other sports. While attending college, Joi started coaching gymnastics. After graduating from USF with her bachelors degree in education, she decided to continue her passion for coaching gymnastics. Coach Joi's favorite event to coach is the uneven bars. Outside of the gym Joi loves spending time with family, and her favorite hobby is rock climbing!


Camdyn Hartman (Coach Cam)

Optionals / Compulsory / Recreational

Coach Cam is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska. In Nebraska Coach Cam competed for 12 years. Coach Cam is the 2014 Nebraska State Champion for level 9! His last 2 years he trained and competed level 10. Coach Cam started to coach gymnastics in May 2016 at a local gym in Nebraska. He started with recreational and soon started coaching the lower level gymnasts. In September 2018 Coach moved to the great sunshine state and started coaching at Bay Area soon after. Coach Cam's goal is to be able to lead and program, levels 1-10, and someday manage or own his own gym. Fun fact: "I can solve a Rubik's cube in about a minute, and I have 10 siblings!"


Caroline Scheffey

Recreational / Team Helper

Coach Caroline comes to us all the way from New Jersey. In New Jersey she coached gymnastics for 4 years. As a recreational coach she is committed to providing our gymnasts with the skills and tools necessary to continue their gymnastics journey. Fun fact: "I couldn't pump gas till I moved to Florida."